Beauty . ❤ . Peace in the way we live and experience our lives. Savage Designs is spinning new threads of the web…or maybe just mending them. We focus on creating bioregional clothing, utilizing natural dye and aromatic plants found growing in the Hawaiian Islands. In a sweet little studio looking out at the ocean, and tucked onto a cliff in the jungle of Maui’s north shore, lives Savage Designs. Working to create a unique experience for customers, and inspired by the thousands-of-year-old practice of Medicinal Clothing, called Ayurvastra. Our vision is to help you untame your life and bring some of Hawaiʻi nei into us. Untamable ideas are also provided with these Savage Lifestyle tips. Isn’t it time to move on from our our old ways of thinking? Our old ways of doing things? We can create something wonderful for our children, have fun during the transformation, and here at Savage Designs we believe it is the next evolutionary step.

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An allergy to stinging nettles in 1998 led Sunny to question why. Why this plant and no other? Those questions led to a dream, and an awakening in the morning, to make stylish clothing out of nettles. Months were spent researching who might be keeping the ancient nettle fiber practice alive. Then, an adventurous 11-day trek to the foothills of Mt. Everest in Nepal in 2007 to meet the Kulung Rai…an indigenous tribe who has kept the traditions of the nettle harvest, processing, spinning, and weaving alive. Allo (Girardinia diversifolia)…the Giant Himalayan Stinging Nettle…opened the door to a relationship with the Kulung Rai, and a deeply healing mission to educate people about the potential of not only this fabulous fiber, but of natural fibers that are available in bioregions around the globe. A studio in Topanga Canyon, CA was opened in 2008/2009, where women were hired to lovingly cut and sew the nettle fabrics into stylish couture clothing. Stardust, a wild designer, was hired for a year to help in the co-creation of our designs. We were the first company in the USA to offer custom avant-garde nettle clothing, and remain so to this day.

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