Jungali Dreads

A Revolution in Hairstlying!

Jungali Dreads™ are the first ever all natural and organic hair extensions on the market. These are extremely shapeable, breathable, and truly feel like human hair. The hair care market is currently lost in synthetics and pricey human hair, so these offer a high quality alternative. They are made from Wild Nettles, a particular species called Girardinia diversifolia, which grow at the foothills of Mt. Everest. Jungali means ‘wild or savage’ in the Nepalese language, so we love getting Jungali Jungali Jungali! Be sure to check out our store for Jungali Dreads products, which include hair clips, wigs, ponytail scrunchies, and necklaces…as well as custom eco couture Jungali Dreads wigs.

The Process.

Wild Nettles are harvested from community jungles.

Dried Nettle Bark is Cooked in Wood Ashes

Dried Nettle bark is cooked in wood ashes.

Nettles cook for several hours in wood ashes.

Nettles cook for several hours in wood ashes.

Wild Nettle Cooked in Wood Ashes

Wild Nettles cool after being cooked in wood ashes.

Rinsing & beating the fibers in mountain spring water.

Fibers are then rinsed and beaten in mountain spring water.

White clay is harvested in the surrounding mountains.

White clay is harvested in the surrounding mountains.

Processing Wild Nettles for Fiber with White Clay

Nettles are covered in a slurry of white clay, for two weeks.


The wild nettles are then rinsed, soaked in Himalayan crystal salts, and finally one more rinse in mountain spring water. Pure. Wild.
We hand shape the raw fibers into the Jungali Dreads, or use them in unique felting products with our Wild Milkweed fibers.

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