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Our vision is to help you untame your life. This ecologically and socially conscious clothing and design company is committed to increasing the health of its consumers by providing unique wildcrafted nettle fibers and a package of nettle tea with each purchase. Nettles have been used for thousands of years, and by connecting with tribal roots through wearing these fibers and ingesting them internally we are becoming Savage On the Inside and Out. We strive to provide high quality stylish clothing, that is beyond organic, from a company dedicated to greening every aspect of the way it operates its business.

Savage Designs, Inc. has trademarked our beloved Jungali Dreads (photo above), which are the first ever all natural, organic and wildcrafted hair extensions on the market. These dreads are extremely shapeable, breathable, and offer a revolution in a market lost in synthetics and pricey human hair. Jungali means ‘wild or savage’ in Nepalese, so we love getting Jungali Jungali Jungali!

We are learning from and being healed by deep tribal roots. We dreamed of bringing nettle fibers to a wider audience, and these fibers have a story. The woman pictured on the left is an elder who continues on with the thousands-of-year-old practice of hand-spinning nettle into yarn. Her stories, and joie de vivre are woven into the fabrics you will be wearing.

Our American culture has lost many of the skills and traditions necessary to create our most basic goods.

But Savage Designs is spinning new threads of the web…or maybe just mending them. We envision having a clothing line which includes wildcrafted fibers which are harvested and produced here in North America as well. We envision the tribal villagers we work with providing us guidance during that process. We envision education around making wild plants into fiber and eating wild foods as part of our National Security Plan. Isn’t it time to move on from our our old ways of thinking? Our old ways of doing things? We can create something wonderful for our children, have fun during the transformation, and here at Savage Designs we believe it is the next evolutionary step.


Sunny Savage, Founder and Chief Imagination Officer

Sunny Savage has a Masters of Science in Nutrition Education, which focused on the antioxidants found in wild greens. She is the energetic host of an adventurous wild food cooking television show called ‘Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage’…which includes an episode on her beloved nettle. All wardrobe for the series is provided by Savage Designs, Inc. She has traveled to every continent on earth, and is currently lives on a sailboat with her family.


Vision from the Past :: Sunny Savage is a direct descendant of Thomas Savage, who was on the 2nd boat into Jamestown in 1607. He was 13 when arriving in the New World and was traded in a political exchange with a Powhatan boy to learn the language and culture. He grew up with Chief Powhatan as his adopted father and the chief’s famous daughter Pocahontas as his sister.

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